Pop Rock Band 5 Seconds of Summer Play Manchester Arena

Just yesterday ‘5SOS’ traveled to Manchester Arena as part as their second headline tour ‘Sounds Live Feels Live’ to perform their newest chart topping album ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’ which was released last year.

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The pop-rock band 5 Seconds of Summer  who were only formed five years ago, have already gained huge success and from their performance last night, show no signs of slowing down.

The Australian band, which includes Ashton Irwin (Vocals and drums), Luke Hemmings (Vocals and guitar), Calum Hood (Vocals and bass) and Michael Clifford (Vocals and guitar) have already broke records around the world. With the boys being the first Australian band to get their album to number one in the UK in 14 years, it speaks for itself the amount of fans and overall support the group attained last night.

If you are confused as to where ‘5SOS’ came from and if their acclaimed success is actually supported, have a look at this…


The night began with the support act, Don Broco. The British rock band warmed up the crowd wonderfully despite their music being much heavier in comparison to the main act- this may have introduced some of the young crowd into a different genre than they are used to. Never the less, the non-offensive songs were still suited to the sold out arena and had many up and dancing to the loud, fast drumming and wild guitar.

Don Broco were chatty and cheerful towards the crowd even though many people were still only walking in to the arena towards the end of their quite short set which made their performance even more endearing. The crowd were most definitely loud and ready after they played their biggest hits including ‘Fire’.

It was then time for the intermission after the support act had ended, however it came as a surprise when the atmosphere momentarily changed when the music paused from Thin Lizzy’s ‘The Boys are Back In Town’ to Prince’s ‘When Dove’s Cry’.

It was then time for 5 Seconds of Summer.

Taken by the author.

Playing songs from both albums, the arena got crazier as the night went on. With a perfect pace of slow songs such as ‘Waste The Night’ and up tempo songs such as ‘End Up Here’ it allowed the audience to take little breaks in between the roaring screams and dancing.

To see the overall set-list for the night, click here:


The band itself, whilst Luke himself did admit it, were clearly going through some vocal strain and struggled to hit some of the bigger and higher notes, however did pause to instead let the loud crowd take over and offer some help. The overall guitar and drum playing was very impressive with comments from surprised parents all around such as “Wow, they are good aren’t they!”. Some drum and guitar solos left the full arena astonished at the talent which had clearly improved from previous tours.

Sounds Live, Feels Live // Manchester Night 1

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Overall, the both bands did a great job at keeping the full night entertaining and the atmosphere on a constant high. Whilst sometimes vocal ability was off, 5SOS saved themselves with their trademark high jumps and kicks, crazy instrument playing and well loved songs. It was definitely a night enjoyed by all.