Play It! Gaming Event at Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry Returns

Featuring the best and most loved video games over the past 30 years, Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry’s  popular gaming event PLAY It! returns again this year.

PLAY It!, previously nominated for the City Life Award by Manchester Evening News, was opened on March 25 and runs until April 17. The event holds over 180 consoles for the young, old, advanced and beginner gamers to come and play.

Taken by the author.

This year the event is much bigger than previously and has expanded a lot, and with it’s partnership with leading gaming specialists European Gaming League (EGL) means there is even more fun guaranteed, just in time for the Easter holidays.

The event is bringing geeks from all over the country once again to try out the much loved games, however, 2016 has brought new additions; next gen consoles including the Xbox One and Playstation 4.

Despite this, of course the retro classics from 1977 to 2006 are still there including the Gamecube, Sega Megadrive, inclair Spectrum, Vectrex, SNES, and super Hi Spec PC’s to name a few.

Taken by the author.

Not only the consoles but there is a huge selection of actual games to play, ranging from first person shooters to musical games. The most popular franchises over the past 30 years are available such as: the Batman games, Super Mario Bro’s, Guitar Hero, Minecraft, Donkey Kong Country, Pokemon, Pong and Crash Bandicoot.

The gaming room is split up into sections with endless rows of monitors, large TV screens and even a big circular table holding 16 Xbox 360’s so gamers can compete in a huge online Halo battle with the fellow gamers around them. Everything is easy to access and ready for you to play.

The event is recommended for ages five and above, many of the games are still simple and easy to play, but for the older guests it may bring back some nostalgia. A comment from one of the gamers who attended said they were able to “re-live their childhood classics”

Tickets need to be purchased either online or whilst at the museum in order to enter.  A full day pass is £12 and a family of four (two adults, two children) tickets are £10. Individual session tickets (90 minutes) cost £4. The event is appropriate for ages five and above.

Adult only evening sessions are available for £8.

Author: Beth Gardiner

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